You’re missing the point

What you seem incapable of realizing, or just plain refusing to acknowledge, is that the issue is bigger than Chauvin. It’s the fact that for the umpteenth time, a white cop has killed an unarmed black man when there was absolutely no reason or justification for his killing. The whole world saw the same thing you did. Chauvin sat on the man’s NECK for nearly 9 minutes and you want to have an intellectual argument about nuanced legal strategies or “technicalities” about what actually killed him. That is a form of gaslighting and frankly it is the height of the white privilege that I know you don’t believe exists. And I’m tired of explaining to men like you WHY it’s white privilege.

I am completely able to have philosophical debates and conversations about nuances. But my anger and frustration at THIS particular killing (whether or not it was “technically” a murder) is not about being an ideologue. If you think it is, then well, you’re part of the problem why we’ve continued to see this kind of thing happen in these communities for 100+ years.

I believe it’s time to agree to disagree.

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