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Why I—An African-American Christian—Think Trump IS a Blessing

I know what I’m about to say will be controversial, but hear me out.

God is absolutely using our president.

The same way He used pharoah, Ahab, Jerobaom, Ahaz, Rehoboam and every other evil king of Israel.

A Pain In the Ass

There is a cancer in this country. But Trump is not the cancer. No, Trump is the pain in the ass that makes you go to the doctor who discovers that pain is colon cancer.

A “Woke” Up Call

Trump is also a blessing because his actions have also inspired and encouraged a whole generation of people who previously barely got into politics. I was one such person. People young and old have come to realize that we can no longer sit on the sidelines and not hold our leaders accountable. We cannot afford to remain ignorant and asleep at the wheel of our lives. It’s time to wake up. And stay woke.

My Own Mirror

And let me be clear about this. God has challenged me too. He has held up a mirror to me to say, “Ron, are you loving all those racists and nationalists the way I commanded you? Are you being true to the teachings of Christ in how you live and interact with these people, regardless of the things they say and do? Are you praying for them?”


So my fellow followers of Christ who can see Trump for the lying, racist, sexist, egotistical, narcissistic, baby man-child that he is; the man who quite literally is a walking manifestation of every one of the “seven deadly sins” and the exact opposite of every one of the “fruit of the spirit”; the man who said his favorite book is the bible yet pronounced II Corinthians “two Corinthians” (I mean, come on! That’s like saying basketball is your favorite sport and that you think the best player in history was Reggie Jackson)—the next time you come across a fellow believer who for God knows what reason, proclaims Trump as a blessing and a vessel of God, you can with all conviction and authenticity, smile back to them and say “Amen brother/sister. Amen!”

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