Unless she changed the copy since you asked this, nothing in her article accuses Chauvin of anything. As of this comment, she writes:

"They understand that the murder of George Floyd represents the weight of how Blacks in the United States have been treated for decades, and they struggle not to see themselves as participants in anything vicariously related to what Derek Chauvin did.

By asking this question, you clearly miss the point of this article and the issue at hand. The problem is not the individual Derek Chauvin and what his motivations were. The problem is a systemic issue of POC being killed by white cops for multiple generations and nothing being done to 1) find out why there’s a disproportionate amount of it, and 2) how can we stop it. Many white people, who may not see themselves as “racist,” do and say things all the time that have the same effect. You, Mark, are a perfect example (I’m assuming you’re white based on your Medium avatar.) Sometimes those actions are in the form is Medium comments that show a clear lack of empathy. Sometimes, as in this case, it’s in the form of white cops who kill or maim POC.

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