To be clear, the topic I was referencing when commenting on whether Jesus taught it was homosexuality specifically, not sexual immorality generally.

And unless you have evidence to the contrary, everywhere I've studied about Jesus's life, it's mentioned he spoke Aramaic.

With regards to me an others getting "riled" up, I think it's safe to say, it cuts both ways. A gay Christian posts about their life and history in church, conservative Christian "gets riled up" and attacks them online. Conservative Christian posts a comment or article about the sin of homosexuality, more progressive Christians get riled up. So, I think it's fair to say it goes both ways.

As far as my "deficiency in basic Christian doctrine," I'm no theologian, but I've done enough reading, writing, research, and apologetic ministry work to know what the foundational tenets of the faith are. You were the one who had used Leviticus as a reference to prove what "sexual immorality was." Also, you mentioned that the Mosaic law "failed." From what I recall, Jesus himself specifically says he came to fulfill it. He insinuates it hasn't "failed."

And for the record, I don't have an issue, per se, with someone sharing their belief about how Jesus's words should be interpreted. My issue is usually how it's done, particularly from more conservative evangelicals. It's done with a sense of hubris and boastful arrogance as if they are 100% positive they're right and everyone is wrong. It's seldom delivered in a loving way. Almost always in a judgmental way. And it almost never is done with any modicum of humility with the understanding that for generations theological experts can't even agree on topics like hell, ECT, homosexuality, etc. So, as I always like to say, in the absence of biblical certainty, show love.

Peace be with you.



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