The empathy is for a problem of the disproportionate killing of blacks vs whites at the hands of the police. Disproportionate doesn’t necessarily mean more.

Chauvin sat on the man’s NECK for nearly 9 MINUTES! If you shoot someone and the autopsy shows they died from being hit by a car from stumbling into the street after getting shot, that doesn’t absolve you, or reduce the seriousness of the fact you shot a man. Just like if you accidentally kill someone in the commission of a felony, you get charged with a higher charge than if you weren’t committing a felony at the time.

The fact that you could look at that video and disregard Chauvin’s actions at all speaks to how you feel about this and the futility of our “battles.”

To the extent I engage with you at all is for the percentage of people looking on who are legitimately on the fence about these issues. You are simply a means to an end. I have no vested interest in trying to make someone like you see the truth, despite being Mr. Truth and Rationality you claim to be, you see the “truth” you choose to see.

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