Thanks for your thoughtful (and thorough) reply. I like your idea of the lists and acknowledging there are indeed privileges for every kind of race or other demographic. That could help a doubter engage more. But I would caution about using the term majority privilege. It’s more about privilege for those in power. In South Africa, blacks were the majority, but they definitely did not have the privilege on par with whites.

The problem I think we run up against is that the issues BIPOC are trying to deal with today relate to disadvantages that literally affect their lives and livelihood. Everything from the American judicial system (in particular, the “war” on drugs), to disparities in hiring practices. So you not only have the number of advantages vs. disadvantages, but also the severity of each in comparison to one another. All the black privileges in the world won’t help a black man stopped by the wrong set of cops. I have heard of plenty of stories over the years of professional, rich, and successful black people being treated like criminals at best, animals at worst, when they “fit the description”.


[By the way, Medium is terrible at showing us where traffic for an article originates. There was a definite surge in traffic to this article in just the past week. Would you mind sharing how you came across it?]

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