Thanks for the thoughtful reply. While I agree that there is a certain group of white people who will never be receptive to any kind of discourse around their privilege, what I’m talking about is not coddling, or even making them comfortable. Coddling, to me, is turning a blind eye to their privilege in the first place. What I’m talking about, pure and simple, is communication.

Often times, a movie will have a different title abroad than it does in the U.S. The content of the movie is the same, but the title is changed to better communicate the idea of the movie to a foreign audience. Or look at translations of the Bible. There are hundreds of translations from the original Greek and Aramaic. Each one is slightly different and nuanced in order to communicate the ideas of the original biblical authors. The Message translation uses completely modern vernacular to help communicate those terms.

This is what I’m talking about. Not coddling. Not changing the content, character, or potency of the message. But just delivering it with a different term that will speak to the desired party in a way that makes better sense and doesn't stop the conversation before it can begin.

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