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Occam’s Razor, Media, and the Trump Administration

For all you free-thinking, reasonable people with a modicum of education, insight, and dare I say, compassion, consider this…

Which is more likely?

That The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, New Yorker Magazine, NPR, This American Life, even the Economist, and dozens of other media organizations with decades—and in some cases over a century—of proven journalistic integrity, are all just left-wing radicals whose news coverage of immigration, international relations, and domestic upheaval caused by the Trump administration policies and actions, are all just hyperbolic, biased, and/or downright lies created for political purposes and/or anger over the fact that Hillary lost…


Donald Trump, a demonstrable liar with a multi-decades long history of literally thousands of lawsuits against him (dozens of which are for shady business deals or inappropriate conduct) and an administration under an FBI investigation (being led by two REPUBLICANS by the way) which has yielded nearly 20 indictments with over FIVE GUILTY PLEAS, this group of individuals are actually the righteous ones being unfairly accused and “convicted” by “fake news” and mainstream media.


(Note: for all you science purists out there, I know this may not be a 100% precise application of Occam’s Razor, but you get my point. I’m going with the simpler, Hollywood version. 😊)

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