King of the Hill

When scrambling for the top, there are those who help and hinder

Imagine you’re trying to make it to the top of a hill—a steep hill that’s hard to climb. At the top of this hill is a self-appointed king throwing rocks, mud, trash, feces, and all manner of foul content to keep you down. And he’s doing it for no other reason than the fact that you’re… different.

Now, along the right comes another person who looks just like you. Your spirits are lifted because you see this person is making their way up the hill just a little bit faster than you. You reach out to them, in hopes they will help you up that hill.

But instead of helping you, they start kicking mud in your face too. The crap and garbage from the “king” that doesn’t hit you, gets picked up by this new person, and thrown at you too. And you’re confused. Distraught. Why? Why are they doing this? The king is throwing the same crap at this person (albeit less of it, and it’s peppered with a few withered roses to lighten the smell.)

This new person, who looks like you, is helping the king keep you down, all for the purposes of getting to be just a tad bit closer to the king than you. Never to the top of course, but, definitely a bit closer.


One the left side of you is yet ANOTHER person who looks like you. A huge, broad, imposing figure; but someone, nonetheless, that looks like you.

This person is also making their way up the hill faster than you. But instead of kicking dirt in your face, this other person is using their back to shield you from both the crap of the king and the crap from that other person that looked like you.

This new hero is with one hand crawling up the hill, and with the other, reaching down to help you up. All while using as much of their back to shield you.

What would you call THIS person?

We all have some kind of hill we’re trying to climb. We all climb that hill in different ways. There is no one right or wrong way to climb. Along the way, we can choose to help one another climb, or keep the others down.

Who will you be? The helper or the hinderer?

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