I like that reframing, and I think it can be very helpful in many ways. The ways in which I think it would be hard to utilize is when a white person makes an ignorant or at least insensitive comment, which a BIPOC person KNOWS is due to their privilege. I've had white people say things to me like:

• There's a voting booth on every corner in my neighborhood

• Donald Trump just says dumb things, that's all

• Rioters are animals

• America is obsessed with race

All of these things are easy for a white person to say because their privilege prevents them from experiencing what BIPOC experience with respect to voting, the POTUS's racist comments, or what black people riot. How would your reframing example be used in these instances? I'd genuinely love to know.

Thank you Traverse.

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Content marketer @ bladeronner.media. Satirical author @ DnDBook.com. Opinions my own & (mostly) correct. Get free insights & inspiration @ bit.ly/substack-ron

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