I appreciate your analogy. I really do. And I understand what you’re trying to say. But racism is not being used as an excuse. There are real effects of systemic racism affecting these communities. There are plenty of books and movies on the topic. Calling out that racism is not making an excuse for anyone.

Second, I would say that if the aforementioned shopkeeper is in a community predominantly populated by green aliens, I would wonder how involved that shopkeeper is in the green alien community. Is he just there to make a buck off a community that is empirically in economic disrepair? Or is the shopkeeper willing to be a giving participant in the community from which he is making a buck? Is he willing to get to know them and give back to them in ways that the community will respond to. He may find other green aliens coming in to protect his store when some green aliens get out of hand. Green aliens tend to do that kind of thing when they know someone really cares.

Every time you make an excuse to ignore real problems in this country with respect to how government and police deal with people of color, you perpetuate those problems.

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