Hi Randy, thanks so much for your comment. I am indeed a Christ follower. The name of the website I list here is the name of a new podcast I’m producing called “Halfway Christian.” I encourage you to read the description. By episode 2 we’ll explain the meaning of the name.

I don’t think I entirely understand the point of your comment. My article does not condone nor endorse the homosexual lifestyle. That’s not the point of the article. The point is very specific. For Christians it’s to treat all we meet with love. I challenge fellow believers to look at what they say and do and ask themselves “Is this loving?”

Your example of the woman caught in adultery is a great one. Jesus said to her, a woman who was caught in the act of a sin, “Go and sin no more.” Notice, he did NOT say, “Turn from your wicked ways woman or you will burn in hell.”

Let’s look atthe woman at the well. Again, a woman Jesus KNEW was living a sinful life. What did he say to her? He said, “I am the water of life.” He didn’t say, “Leave your wicked ways woman or you will burn in hell!” Note: I am NOT making a commentary on the existence or non-existence of hell. Just stating Jesus’ approach vs. what I see many Christians doing.

In fact, when you look at the people Jesus talked like that too, who was it? It was the Pharisees. The religious and pious people of the day. I would say many Christians of today look and sound a lot like the Pharisees. Just sayin.’

So in the end, I’m not exactly sure what you’re suggesting, but I kinda think we agree. Correct me if I’m wrong.

And go check out the description for Halfway Christian. ;)

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