Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Conversion of Kanye West Got Evangelicals Going Crazy

How it all started

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing the usual number of provocative or incendiary posts those f-ing algorithms have deemed the priority for me to see. And I started seeing a number of posts from white evangelicals espousing their newfound love and appreciation for hip-hop mogul, designer, and self-proclaimed “greatest artist in the history or art,” Kanye West.

Kanye telling the press about how the welfare state is the real enemy of black people and how the MAGA hat was like his “Superman cape.”
Trevor commenting about black women and why they vote Democrat. “…as a woman and as a black woman combined, the impact of my votes are exponentially felt.”

Content marketer @ bladeronner.media. Satirical author @ DnDBook.com. Opinions my own & (mostly) correct. Get free insights & inspiration @ bit.ly/substack-ron

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