A fan of Ben Shapiro are we? “Systemic” does not always mean specific laws in place that specifically discriminate against race. “Systemic” means just that: systems in place that have been established either by overt systemic laws that are no longer in place, but whose policies still affect disenfranchised people; or practices and interpretations of current laws designed to target disenfranchised people.

The laws which dictate that crack cocaine (predominantly in black communities) gets harsher penalties than powder coke (predominant in white communities). The disparity between drug arrests between white and blacks even for the same drug crimes (read this by the Washington Post or this by The Hamilton project). The crippling of the voter rights act of 1964 in Shelby vs Holder saw an immediate return in souther, right-wing conservative states to laws which hindered the ability for POC (and whites for that matter) in disenfranchised communities to vote.

It’s the “systems” in place where five young black men can go to prison for 10+ years for a crime they didn’t commit. It’s “systems” like laws that give police broad authority to discriminate against POC in stops and kill POC with impunity due to “systems” like qualified immunity.

And I don’t really care how many conservative black radio hosts or professors you trod out to prove your case. Nor do I disagree with them JUST because they’re conservative. I disagree with them because most of their arguments are either strawmen arguments, or completely ignore the remnant efffects of past laws. Trus me. I used to be conservative and I used to listen to Larry. I also frequently listen to Ben Shapiro (although much less now as he’s grown more and more a Trump whore).

I’ve heard ALL the arguments. I’ve been on that other side. I know the deal. They arent’ saying anything new.

This very article you’re commenting on has examples of books you could read and movies you could see that would clearly illuminate for you what is meant by “systemic” racism. Because if you think we live in a post-racial world where POC have all the exact same benefits as the ruling white majority, then the benefits which have been afforded you due to your race, benefits which you did not specifically earn, prevent you from seeing the truth and your comments here prove the lack of empathy to which my article alluded.

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Content marketer @ bladeronner.media. Satirical author @ DnDBook.com. Opinions my own & (mostly) correct. Get free insights & inspiration @ bit.ly/substack-ron

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