Guilty pleasures don’t define a black man.

Sam Jackson as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.
Sam Jackson as Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.
Pulp Fiction © Miramax

Millions of Americans feel today what POC have been feeling for a century.

This is an online book. So start at the beginning.

Scene from “Pulp Fiction.” © Miramax. All rights reserved.

Or, just buy the damn book

“It’s A Superhero Movie” is not an excuse for bad storytelling

This review by Chris Stuckman makes all excellent points about WW84’s issues.

Yet another example of the evangelical church in America showing its true color.

Photo by Carolina Jacomin on Unsplash

What is CRT?

How I got to 54,000 words with a purpose, a rock, and an eclectic soundtrack

Writing in my retro bungalow apartment; bamboo curtains, kidney-shaped pool, and all. Photo courtesy of the author.

Ironically, one of the most beautiful aspects of Christianity probably holds the answer.

Photo by ahmed zid on Unsplash

And other reasons for supporting Trump.

Church window depicting a stoning. Pixabay

Please return by the appointed time with all the original packaging.

Clip from Taylor Swift’s performance of “Homecoming,” er, I mean “Me” at last year’s Billboard Music Awards.
People of Earth. This is a friendly reminder that your free trial of the “human” you know as Taylor Swift (hereafter "the Product") expires next Saturday at exactly Stardate β3.245.456 GMT (galactic meridian time), which is approximately 4:54 pm CST (give or take a quantum Tirulian second). Let us remind you that your original trial period of three-quarters of a Berulean Leap Year…

The fact I even have to write this title is sheer insanity.

Photo by Life Matters on Pexels

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